Nova Band’s first album!

We have it! Our first CD!

The title of the album is “1”. There are 8 songs on it – including 7 covers and our first own piece entitled “Nova Blues”, composed especially for us.

The musical director of the entire undertaking was Mateusz Kurek – a well-known musician from Toruń, composer, arranger, mentor and friend of our band.

Recordings took place in October 2019 at Happy Light Studio in Toruń. The cover was designed by Jarek Pawlicki from Pneuma Studio, a graphic with extensive experience in designing advertising materials for many bands.

“1” is a summary of a certain stage of our musical activity. It is the closing of the period of learning, looking for our way, shaping the ability to compromise, reconciling music tastes, getting to know each other in various, sometimes difficult situations.

A song “Nova Blues” is the opening of another card in the band’s history. This is a simple, lively piece, with a great distance to each other, presenting the band as a “company band”. You can hear in it the solos: Dudi playing the electric guitar, Adam on the tenor saxophone, Jurek on the trumpet, Magda in the warm sound of her alto saxophone, Sławek on the electric guitar (you can hear what it is playing in his soul … – sharp, heavy rock!) 😉

The song’s lyrics were written by Jacek Gessek, a Toruń artist, spontaneously when he learned about the existence of Nova Band – the phenomenon of a company music band! This is a rarity on the music market :).

We hope that we will perform this song together with you at the next concert. We hope soon!

On the new Mateusz Kurek’s website in News/ Aktualności at the bottom of this page you will find fragments of all songs from the Nova Band album:

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