Input list:

Lp. Instrument Microphone Remarks Musician Monitor
1. BD Beta 52 or similar Dawid 6
2. SD top Sm 57 or similar Dawid 6
3. SD bottom e904 or similar Dawid 6
4. Hi Hat Nt5 or similar Dawid 6
5. Tom Hi 10’ e904 or similar Dawid 6
6. Tom Mid 12’ e904 or similar Dawid 6
7. Tom Low 14’ e904 or similar Dawid 6
8. Tom Low 16’ e904 or similar Dawid 6
9. OH L Sm 81 or similar Dawid 6
10. OH P Sm 81 or similar Dawid 6
11. Bass Jack/xlr Radek 2
12. Gitara L e906 or similar Tomasz N. 2
13. Guitar e906 or similar Sławek 5
14. Trumpet Atm350 or similar Jerzy 1 double
15. Sax alt Beta 98H Her own Magda 1 double
16. Sax tenor Atm350 or similar Adam 1 double
17. Piano L Jack/di-box Mateusz 4
18. Piano P Jack/di-box Mateusz 4
19. Laptop L Jack/di-box Mateusz 4
20. Laptop P JAck/di-box Mateusz 4
21. Vocal Talk Sm 58/beta 58 or similar Tomasz N. / Announcer/Guest 2
22. Vocal Main Beta 58 His own Tomasz Z. 3 double


Monitors: high class monitors such a d&b max15, jbl vrx/srx, nexo ps15r2 etc., Ohm, Pol Audio, Das, min. 350W, with amplifiers of appropriate power and quality (in case of analog console 20 channels and peripherals at the sole disposal of the band), 1/3-octave graphic equalizer for each monitor track:

  • Track 1: monitor – voc, bass, git l,r
  • Track 2: monitor – voc, git. L, git. P.
  • Track 3: monitor – voc,
  • Track 4: monitor – git. P, git. L, voc.
  • Track 5: monitor – Piano, Laptop, Bass, git. L, git. P, Vocal
  • Track 5: drumfill –  Bass, Vocal

Frontal system: efficient, of appropriate power (sufficient to play a strong rock concert); min. 3kW per side; preferred brands: JBL Electro Voice, Meyer, Bose, Pol Audio. Console: preferably digital (vi6,vi4 cl5,ql, digico, x32 etc.); in case of analog console, peripherals according to the input list + echo processor (preferred: Lexicon) + delay with Tap Tempo.

The mixing desk should be placed in front of the stage to allow for appropriate playback for the sound engineer.

We require very efficient technical service and a person who knows the system. The band arrives without its own specialists.

The stage size should be 7×10 meters. A sample stage plan is provided above, and any changes depending on the size of the stage need to be agreed upon.


The band plays rock and blues; the minimum lighting requirements are:
4 movable heads like Martin MAC500 or similar
4 Martin MAC301 wash type heads or similar
smoke min 1kW
8-12 pairs of RGB LEDs
2 blinder min. 2kW each
A person who will arrange the light

We do not accept any disco effects, such as: soap bubbles, rotating balls, lasers, flower effects, etc.

Technical consultations: Krzysztof Piechocki tel. +48 535 250 434