Band members

Tomasz Zawadzki – vocal;
project manager of Nova Trading. Unofficially, the rumor has it, that he learned to sing when shaving. He sings everywhere … He drives mad the salesmen working with him…
Brilliant, cheerful and frank – he will always give it to you straight.

Sławek Lipiński – electric guitar;
director of warehouse management in Service Center in Nova Trading. Very cheerful. Leads active life – plays volleyball, and in good weather he rides a bike to and from work every day, which is ca. 25 km.
Radek Jeżewski – bass guitar;
manager in the sales department of Nova Trading. Radek’s faith could be inspiring for authors of contemporary soap operas – at first he played electric guitar, and he started to play bass guitar overnight. No-one knows how he did that, but he sounds really well.
Ambitious, always raises standards both for himself, and for his colleagues from the band.
Dawid Pawłowski – percussion;
works in the Quality Department of Nova Trading. Extremely modest and economical with his words. Great enthusiast of bikes – he built his current two wheels all by himself. King of ripostes with great sense of humor; what more can we write…
Magdalena Chmurzyńska – sax;
in Nova Trading she works on the position of Key Account Manager in the Sales Department; after 12-year-long break she returned to playing saxophone, especially for Nova Band. Subtle, modest, special…
Adam Bisaga – saxophone;
a breath of fresh air from the mouth of Export Department; smiling and full of energy; a saxophonist in band Jerry‘s Fingers from Jaworzno
Jerzy Durbacz – trumpet;
Director of Sales Department in Nova Trading, office colleague of Tomek Nowacki and his “twin” in the company; man of erudition, Russian language specialist with fluent English; man of high personal culture, enthusiast of ambitious music, connoisseur of wine.



Tomasz „DuDi” Nowacki – electric guitar, harmonica;
director of export department of Nova Trading, sales charmer, polyglot, traveler, marathoner and connoisseur of wines. His passion is mountaineering – he ascended a number of five-thousand and six-thousand peaks on different continents. Looking at the world from the perspective of the highest mountain peaks he managed to work out distance towards himself and others. He attracts people with his positive attitude to life and remarkable sense of humor. The top Polish cabarets are in fact Sunday school as compared to him…



Q-rek (Mateusz Kurek) – composer, arranger, producer, teacher, mentor and friend of Nova Band; featuring keyboards





wojtekszubierajski Wojciech Szubierajski – supported the performances of our band  playing the accordion until October 2018. Wojtek’s sudden death interrupted our partnership. The audience loved him for his modesty and smile. Wojtek was always helpful and kind… We will miss him very much…