Our first CD will be coming out soon!

We are pleased to inform you that we have just finished work on OUR FIRST CD. Materials were submitted for production last week.

Enormity of work & stress, but also satisfaction. Everything was new to us – working in the studio, settling formalities, setting graphics etc… We overcame many difficulties and our own weaknesses … Lots of new experience … The end of our work – please be patient – probably in a month.

The album will contain eight songs – including seven covers that you have already heard, but now we have recorded them in new arrangements + OUR FIRST PIECE – created especially for us!

Many thanks to Mateusz Kurek, our music director, for invaluable help in implementing the project 🙂 Jarek Pawlicki from Pneuma Studio watched over the graphics. The album was recorded at Happy Light Studio in Toruń.