Nova Band in the Club Lizard King in Toruń for the second time

The last concert this year is already behind us. After 12 months of intensive work we played again on the stage of the Club Lizard King in Toruń. Today’s entry is also a perfect occasion for a short summary of this year’s artistic season.

The Friday’s concert in the Club Lizard King – similarly as last year – drew more than one hundred fans. There were also some guests who arrived to our performance by chance, and – as they emphasized – they really had fun listening to our music. We received the best congratulatory scroll from our fantastic audience, that gathered in front of the stage right from the first sounds of music and supported us with singing, dancing and applause, for which we want to thank you once again.

Our December concert was different from previous performances this year, since the composition of our band had changed. The fist change was that the saxophonist Adam Bisaga joined our band as a regular member; Adam had his debut performing as a guest in Katowice. Also our “trump card” appeared on the stage – Wojciech Szubierajski, who performed “Baranek” on accordion. Jerzy Durbacz has his “first time” with the band – he is the office colleague of Tomasz Nowacki, he supported both saxophones with a trumpet. He did it so well, that our band grew to 8 persons!

Our performance in “Lizard” was a certain test for us. After last December concert we really took to heart all the remarks and advice concerning improvement of sound and our stage image. The event organization specialist present at the concert praised our substantial progress. Hearing such comments we intend to move on, develop our repertoire and work out our individual, unique style.

See you in the season 2017!