Concert in Katowice

The second performance this year is already behind us. This time we went to Katowice, where the  Old Timers Garage Club is located. Old cars were used for the design of the concert hall. The one thing we will definitely remember about this concert is the fantastic audience and the incredible atmosphere. Even though the concert was held towards the end of the party, there was no feeling of increased pressure; on the contrary, we played more boldly and courageously seeing the great support of participants. The songs were re-arranged for this concert, and we added two new pieces – Should I stay or should I go (The Clash) and Alright now (Free).

Making an excellent debut were our guest stars Adam Bisaga on second saxophone and Wojciech Szubierajski on the accordion. The accent of these two men breathed new freshness and uniqueness into our repertoire. No one would have ever known that this was their first performance with our group.

The concert took place in Katowice at The Old Timers Club on Thursday, October 20, 2016. The next concert will be soon, on Friday, December 9,  2016 at The Lizard King Club in Torun.

Please join us! You will not regret it!