Summary of performance during the event “Music Festival”

The next concert is already behind us! Not only the weather was perfect, but first of all, our guests. THANK YOU very much for that!!!

It is hard to believe that six months have passed from our last concert. A lot of things happened in this period in our band – we have received professional assistance from experts with whom we improved our musical skills and the entire repertoire. That is why we were very happy to hear your kind words after the concert, although there is still a lot of work before us. Six of us performed on stage, together with Magdalena Chmurzyńska. We believe that the saxophone will become a permanent feature of our repertoire. During the concert we played 9 songs (along with the 10th encore), with 2 of them totally new, i.e. “Baranek” and “Mój jest ten kawałek podłogi”. We refreshed the old pieces and played them in new arrangement.



We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our performance: the Managing Board of Nova Trading, our Manager and the organizers: Toruńska Agenda Kulturalna along with the club Koniec Świata (perfect hospitality!). We also would like to thank to the band Sensitive to Sound for allowing us to play encore at the end. And we would like to thank You, our fantastic audience, for being there (despite the match of the Polish team during Euro 2016) and for your warm reception.

See you on the next concert!