Concert of Nova Band during the Family Picnic of Nova Trading

The second concert of Nova Band is already behind us. We played for the audience composed of more than 550 persons! The concert took place on 29 August 2015 during the Family Picnic of Nova Trading in the Sports and Concert Hall Arena-Toruń. Before the performance we played much more rehearsals to prepare some new songs. We hope that you enjoyed it. Visit the tab Gallery and Video – we will soon publish pictures and movies from the concert.

We have played ten songs during the Family Picnic:

  • Ten o Tobie film– the piece written by Tadeusz Nalepa. It was released on the studio album “Numero Uno” of Tadeusza Nalepa recorded with the band Dżem, in 1988. It was the time of vinyl, so it was the first song on “A” side.
  • Black Magic Woman– the song unambiguously associated with Santana, right from the 1970s, whose authors is, however, Peter Green. It was written in 1968 and the first one to perform it was Fleet Wood Mac. In free translation LITTLE GYPSY GIRL.
  • Zegarmistrz Światła Purpurowy – composed by Tadeusz Woźniak in 1972. Its words were written by the poet, painter and philosopher Bogdan Chorążuk. Clockmaker is the allegory of death and the light is human life.
  • Wonderful Tonight– the ballad composed by Eric Clapton. The piece is from the album “SLOWHAND” released in 1977. It is about Pattie Boyd (English model), who was the first wife of George Harrison and what’s interesting, also of Eric Clapton!
  • Hoochie Coochie Man– blues standard from 1954, written by a double bass player Muddy Waters => Willy Dixon. This is a classic Chicago Blues. The piece refers to the Afro-American magic “hoodo”.
  • Roadhouse Blues– the rock and blues song by The Doors released on the album “Morrison Hotel”. Roadhouse Blues was the first single from the album Morrison Hotel released in 1970.
  • Rockin’ in the Free World – the piece composed by Neil Young. It was released on the album “Freedom” in 1989. This is a very energetic piece and what is interesting, it sound equally good in electric and in acoustic version.
  • Sweet Child O’ Mine– the rock ballad of the group Guns N’ Roses. It comes from the debut album of the band “Appetite for Destruction” from 1987. “Sweet Child O’ Mine” was the first single of Guns N’ Roses to reach the first place of Billboard Hot 100. Words were written by the vocalist Axel, inspired by his girlfriend.
  • You shook me all night long– a single of the group AC/DC, from their studio album Back in Black, released in 1980. Its text is about the women who shook all night long.
  • Idź precz – the piece of the band Perfect from the album UNU – 1982.