Concert of Nova Band during the event “Music Festival” in Toruń!

Six months have passed since we last performed on stage. We have worked really hard to improve our sound since then. If you would like to hear the effects of our work, you can have your chance on 21st June this year – in the scope of Music Festival we will appear on the stage of the club “Koniec Świata” in Toruń.

The concert will last one hour – from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. We will play some new songs for you, and also some old ones in new arrangement. It is really worth to come and listen to us!

On Tuesday Poland will play a match with Ukraine. The club “Koniec Świata” does not offer the possibility to watch the Euro 2016 transmission, nevertheless we count on it that you find some place to watch nearby and arrive to us at 8 p.m. We ensure good fun and great party after Poland wins (nobody even thinks about defeat, do they?).